For the Younger Festivarians

A kids perspective on Telluride Bluegrass

The festivarian family that makes the trek to Telluride every year isn't just adults. Many families have been attending the festival for several generations, kids who grew up at Telluride Bluegrass are now bringing along their own kids to join the festivarian family for the first time.

Activities for kids include the family area inside the Festival grounds, hiking, horseback riding, and other activities in the town of Telluride and Mountain Village. Questions or comments? Check out the "TBF 101 for families" discussion on the Festivarian Forum.

The Family Tent

The Family Tent provides whimsical, musical and educational activities for children and their parents. We are not a daycare facility so we ask that parents sign in and accompany their kids while in this area at all times. The Family Tent is open from 10am to 5pm each day except Thursday (noon–5pm), and most activities are free. Please see daily schedule in program centerspread and in locations around the festival.

Family Tent at Telluride Bluegrass
Living Folklore Clowns

Living Folklore Clowns

Since 1998, Living Folklore has brought zany characters, clowns, stiltwalkers, giant puppets, and workshops (including clown yoga and kazoo building) to the Telluride Bluegrass family tent. Gala, a spritely wood elf who knows the secrets of plants, returns this year to entertain and educate the munchkins about the magic of nature, taking kids on an afternoon Ladybug Parade. Dennis The Red Eustace will be back with more puppet mayhem including the whacky Mr. Curmudgeon, the benevolent King Beeblebooble and characters from his forthcoming television program Teddy The Traveler. Of course Gumbo Wobbly, & your favorite clowns will be there to head up the kids parade with flags, umbrellas and all new giant puppets. Be sure to visit to see pictures and learn more about the wonderful world of Living Folklore!

Family Tent at Planet Bluegrass
Outdoors in the family area

Jugglers' Grove

Juggling Anyone? Join juggling veteran Laurie Watson in the Jugglers' Grove for lessons and free juggling balls -- for new and experienced jugglers each day.

Betty Hoops

Come join Betty Hoops once again for the best craft party of the summer. Kids & adults can decorate & keep their own hoop using fuzzy fabrics, rainbow colored tapes & 3D stickers. Adult hoopers can come & experience the newest & only collapsible hoop on the market. The Gaiam Hoop is a top of the line 6 segment collapsible hoop with a soft foam padding. Betty Hoops will have many for you to play with & will be teaching Hoop Dance throughout the festival all day, every day for free! For more info, visit

Kids Parade

Carry a flag, umbrella, or one of the new giant puppets as this beloved Telluride tradition meanders through the festival grounds on Sunday afternoon at 2:45pm.

Kids Talent Show

The ever-popular talent show returns on Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm for the 16th year.

2013 Family Tent Schedule

We are not a daycare facility, so parents must accompany their children while at the Family Tent area. Schedule is subject to change. Check the latest schedule in the family area. The Family Tent is open from 10am to 5pm each day except Thursday (noon–5pm), and most activities are free.