Kinfolk Camping

On-Site Campground (photo Dorothy St. Claire)
On-Site Campground
(photo Dorothy St. Claire)

Camping passes for the 2014 Kinfolk Celebration are no longer available.

The Kinfolk Celebration is all about celebrating the Kinfolk community. Though the music on the main stage will blow your mind both days, many of the most cherished memories will be made in the campgrounds – a special breakfast feast with neighbors, sharing drinks outside a friend's tent, picking a few tunes late into the night. These are the friendships that define the Kinfolk experience. For many - we have camping space for nearly half the Kinfolk Celebrants - the campground scene is the Kinfolk Celebration.

A note about the Thursday night Mabon Concert... Admission to Adam and Ben's intimate duo set in the Wildflower Pavilion on Thursday evening is included for everyone with onsite campground wristbands. No other tickets will be sold to the Mabon show. To honor the intimate spirit of this special show (which Adam and Ben have been performing since 2007), only onsite campers will be admitted onto the grounds for this show.

Planet Bluegrass Campgrounds

On-Site campground
On-Site Campground
Includes a 2-day pass
  • Location: On the Planet Bluegrass Ranch - fields on both the north (tents only) and south sides (tents and vehicles) of the Festival grounds
  • Vehicles: A very limited number of vehicles (up to 21 feet in length) are allowed on the south part of the on-site campground with the appropriate vehicle pass
  • Opens: Thursday, September 18 @ 4pm.
  • Closes: Sunday, September 21 @ Noon.
  • Camping Pass: $130 per person
    Price includes 2-day Kinfolk Celebration pass and admission to the Mabon Concert
Saunter back and forth from the Celebration to your campsite throughout the day. With easy access to the Planet Bluegrass bathhouse and showers, lots of shady trees, the St. Vrain River never more than a few feet away, and the ability to hear the main stage from most campsites, on-site camping is an extremely popular (and coveted) ticket. At RockyGrass, this campground is renowned for its world-class pickin' circles late into the night.

Special note: Your camping pass for the On-Site Campground serves as your ticket to the special Thursday night Mabon show in the Wildflower Pavilion featuring Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann. No other tickets will be sold to the Mabon concert. Top
Meadow Park Campground
Meadow Park Campground
Requires a 2-day or single-day pass
  • Location: 2 blocks from the festival grounds, along the North St. Vrain River.
  • Vehicles: Passes for vehicle under 18 feet ($40); and RVs over 18 feet ($50) are available.
  • Opens: Friday, September 19 @ 9am.
  • Closes: Sunday, September 21 @ Noon.
  • Camping Pass: $30 per person
    Does NOT include a Kinfolk Celebration pass
Located just downriver from Planet Bluegrass (a quick 5-minute walk), Meadow Park is a beautiful park under towering rock cliffs. Shady spots are available close to the river, while the field areas are more open. Top

A few rules before you put your stakes in...

Adam & the Kinfolk Community (photo Dorothy St. Claire)
Adam & the Kinfolk Community
(photo Dorothy St. Claire)