Mabon Celebration: September 19, 2015

Adam & Ben in the Wildflower Pavilion (photo Dorothy St. Claire)
Adam & Ben in the Wildflower Pavilion
(photo Dorothy St. Claire)

Tickets and camping for the 2015 Mabon Concert featuring Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann (of Yonder Mountain String Band) are onsale now at or 800-624-2422.

We call it MAY'-bahn. The Autumnal Equinox. The magical time when the day and the night are divided equally and the cooling air and quieter tempos of autumn beckon. An intimate celebration of autumn for our Festivarian friends in Colorado and beyond -- to store up enough Festivarian love to last the long winter.

We invite you to join us for this final summer weekend of song, spirit, and festivation with your Planet Bluegrass family on Saturday, September 19 featuring Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann of Yonder Mountain String Band.

Music of Mabon

Turn your sun dial back to the last eight years of Mabon celebrations. They have been magical days capped by an unforgettable, intimate set from Adam Aijala and Ben Kaufmann. Relaxed, warm, and deeply musical.

Mabon Revelry at Planet Bluegrass (photo Dorothy St. Claire)
Mabon Revelry at Planet Bluegrass
(photo Dorothy St. Claire)

If you've been to one of these shows, you're probably still talking about it. As much as any of our Wildflower Concerts, these shows have caused a stir: two of our favorite musicians from one of the most vital bands in acoustic music, Yonder Mountain String Band, performing two long sets of music, including an extended encore played completely acoustic on the edge of the stage.

As we celebrate the end of summer, the fall harvest, and the Autumnal Equinox, we're thrilled to once again invite Ben and Adam back to share in this musical feast for an eighth year.

Whether trading vocals on some of the most beloved songs in the Yonder catalog (including some not often heard), covering a broad swath of traditional music from Celtic to Americana, or trading leads on guitar, banjo, bouzouki, and mandolin this will be a show befitting the summer's delicate finale.

Mabon stage in the Wildflower Pavilion
Mabon stage in the Wildflower Pavilion

'Tis a Gift to Be Simple

In the early 'oughts, our grand Festival of the Mabon occupied the main stage, the workshop stage, and vendors, artisans, and folk performers all over the Planet Bluegrass Ranch.

In 2007, we refocused our Autumnal energy on its essence: a casual afternoon of revelry on the Ranch and an intimate evening of acoustic music in the Wildflower. The intimate 300-seat Wildflower Pavilion replaced the main stage as the focus of live music. A few of our closest Festivarian and musical friends, replaced the large crowds of the Festival of the Mabon. And the experience became richer and more true than ever –- music, Autumn, and the magic of Planet Bluegrass.

Mabon bonfire along the St. Vrain River (photo Joshua Elioseff)
Mabon bonfire along the St. Vrain River
(photo Joshua Elioseff)

September 2014 featured Yonder Mountain String Band's epic Kinfolk Celebration on Planet Bluegrass, and its opening night Mabon Concert kick-off. This September, we're returning to an intimate Mabon Concert in the Wildflower Pavilion for Yonder's Kinfolk, the Festivarian family, and lover's of early autumn on Planet Bluegrass.

A Day of Mabon

The Planet Bluegrass Ranch opens at 2pm on Saturday, September 19 to setup your camp in the onsite campground. We'll be serving food and hearty beverages all day to accompany a relaxed afternoon of Mabon revelry. Doors to the Wildflower Pavilion open at 7pm. We'll be lighting the Mabon bonfire next to the St. Vrain River around dusk. A ticket is required to access the Planet Bluegrass grounds throughout the day.

Mabon Camping

Camping - $10 per person - is available to spend the Saturday evening (September 19) under the redstone cliffs on Planet Bluegrass, as the Mabon bonfire will likely go late into the night. Who knows... maybe we'll even spy a stray bagpiper wandering the Ranch as a reminder of the Mabons of yore.

Tickets ($30) and camping ($10) are onsale now at or 800-624-2422. Once you have your tickets and camping, connect with your fellow Mabon Festivarians on Facebook...

Adam Aijala
Ben Kaufmann & Adam Aijala
Ben Kaufmann