More than just Festivals...

We all know that Sunday night festival feeling – one final hug to our new campmates, picking one final emotion-filled waltz, realizing that the magical Festival music we wait for all year is now a full-year away. And we have a solution...

Our next great acoustic adventure on Planet Bluegrass continues in Autumn 2013 as we welcome bluegrass (Town Mountain & MilkDrive), singer-songwriters (Todd Snider and Jesse Winchester), and our 7th Annual Mabon Celebration with Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann of Yonder Mountain String Band. Join us for this seventh magical year of indoor concerts along the St. Vrain River in Lyons, CO.

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Wildflower Pavilion

The spectacular "cathedral of bluegrass" in Lyons is often described as a miniature Red Rocks. We're nestled in the foothills - an easy 25-minutes north of Boulder; under an hour from Denver or Fort Collins.

John Jorgenson Quintet in the Wildflower (photo Jennifer Schumacher)
John Jorgenson Quintet in the Wildflower
(photo Jennifer Schumacher)

We'll always have wine and New Belgium beer, Allegro coffee and tea, and popcorn for sale at the indoor bar when the Pavilion doors open. Some nights we'll invite everyone to special barbecue cookouts before the show. And when the weather feels right, we'll stay warm around a bonfire along the St. Vrain river before and after the show.

We will only be selling about 300 tickets to each of these shows, so plan to get your tickets early. As always, children 12 and under are free, we charge absolutely no handling fees on any tickets, and all Wildflower tickets are non-refundable.

Spread the Love

Bonfire along the St. Vrain River (photo Jennifer Schumacher)
Bonfire along the St. Vrain River
(photo Jennifer Schumacher)

As we embark on this new acoustic adventure here on Planet Bluegrass, we can really use your help in spreading the word. If you've been to one of these inaugural shows in the Wildflower, tell your friends about it. If you had a magical time at one of these shows, send a shout out to your favorite email list, post something on the internet, or just tell folks at your local watering hole or jam session.

We thrive from Festivarians sharing the good word with other would-be Festivarians. If you haven't yet experienced the Wildflower Pavilion, bring a couple friends along. And most importantly, if there are things you'd like to see us improve for these shows, please let us know - 800-624-2422 or email us at We look forward to seeing you in Lyons this Spring. Be sure you're signed up for our new Wildflower Email Newsletter for all the latest Wildflower news.