2018 Festival Tickets

"The granddaddy of the modern festival circuit."
—Relix Magazine

All tickets and camping passes for the 2018 Telluride Bluegrass are now completely sold-out.

If you're still looking for tickets, we recommend the "Telluride Ticket Exchange / Swap" at Festivarian.com. Please be very cautious and use common sense when purchasing tickets from a 3rd party that you don't know -- especially on craigslist.

As always, the price listed here is the final price you pay - we charge no handling fees of any kind. Once you have your tickets, connect with your fellow Telluride Festivarians.

2018 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Tickets
4-day Festival Pass
Thursday Festival Pass
$85 Sold-out
Friday Festival Pass
$85 Sold-out
Saturday Festival Pass
$85 Sold-out
Sunday Festival Pass
$85 Sold-out
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2018 Telluride Bluegrass Camping
Town Park Camping w/ 4-day Festival Pass
Sold via online lottery open November 6-15
$355 Sold-out
Town Park Vehicle Pass
Town Park camping pass required.
Sold via online lottery open November 6-15
$220 Sold-out
Warner Field Camping w/ 4-day Festival Pass
Sold via online lottery open November 6-15
$355 Sold-out
Lawson Hill Camping
Single-Day or 4-day Festival Pass required
$65 Sold-out
Mary E. Ilium Camping
4-day Festival Pass required
$60 Sold-out
Mary E. Ilium Vehicle Pass
Mary E Ilium camping pass required
$60 Sold-out
Lawson Hill RV
4-day Festival Pass required.
Vehicle must be less than 28'.
$210 Sold-out
High School Camping
Not available for the 2018 Festival

Children 12 and under are free for festival and camping with a paying adult. Tickets are refundable according to our refund policy. Please note: Resale of Telluride Bluegrass Festival and NightGrass tickets for more than the initial value is extremely un-festivarian and strictly forbidden.

Festival Box Office

Festival box office
Festival box office

The Festival box office is located at the east end of Pacific Avenue, right next to the main festival entrance and across from the Telluride Post Office. You can't miss it.

2018 Box Office Hours

Ticketing Policies

Tickets for Telluride Bluegrass continue to sell-out faster than ever. To get tickets to as many dedicated Festivarians as possible, we're continuing with the ticketing changes we made two years ago.

Ticket Limits

Again this year you will be limited to a maximum of 4 tickets of a given type (e.g. 4-day pass, Friday single-day) per customer. After enforcing several different ticket limits over the past few years, this limit of 4 tickets per customer is intended to get tickets to as many Festivarians as possible, while limiting large purchases by scalpers.

Online Lottery for Warner Field Campground

As we have done with Town Park camping passes for more than a decade, for the second year Warner Field camping passes are also being sold via an online lottery. With the demand for Warner Field camping growing dramatically for the past few years, a lottery has become the only way to fairly sell these very in-demand passes.

Bela Fleck & Chris Thile (photo Benko Photographics)
Béla Fleck & Chris Thile
(photo Benko Photographics)

Email Barcode Tickets

All tickets for the 2018 Telluride Bluegrass Festival will again either be emailed (as PDF attachments containing a barcode) or held at will-call. These emailed barcode tickets need to be printed at home and scanned at the festival box office. By using barcode tickets, we aim to deter scalpers and avoid incidents of tickets lost in the mail. Of course, if you prefer not to use these new email / barcode tickets you can elect to have your tickets held at will-call. As always, there are no service fees for any Planet Bluegrass tickets.

Earlier Single-Day Ticket Onsale

Telluride Festivarian (photo Benko Photographics)
Telluride Festivarian
(photo Benko Photographics)

Again this year we will begin selling single-day tickets on the same day that 4-day passes go onsale (Thursday, December 7). Prior to this policy we had waited to sel single-day tickets until we could announce the complete single-day lineup – typically sometime in late winter. Rather than forcing ourselves into a single-day ticket lottery (as we had to do in 2012), we have decided to again make this year's tickets available prior to the single-day lineup announcement.

One Price for 4-Day Passes

As the number of Festivarians lined-up to purchase tickets on the onsale day has dramatically surpassed the number of "holiday discount" tickets, this discount stopped making sense. What was originally intended to reward Festivarians who purchase tickets for the holidays, became a nominal reward for the tech-savy few and a major frustration for everyone else just trying to purchase tickets. So we discontinued this discount completely 2 years ago -- investing this money instead in new webservers to better handle our initial ticketing demand.