Festival Guidelines

Think of these as suggested Planetary codes..."rules and regulations" seems so harsh and reminiscent of grade school home-room. Nevertheless, the Festival experience is more pleasant for everyone involved when we all adhere to the following...

Refund Policy

Line policy

Tarp line
Another day of music awaits

Because we have had many complaints about the overnight line to get into the show, we have established a policy in hopes of creating a kinder, gentler, more Festivarian-like entry each morning. Please keep in mind that the entry line is a complicated logistical problem and we have developed these rules with a lot of experience and taking a number of factors into consideration. Our goal is to create an entry procedure that will be fair, orderly, and will satisfy the greatest number of Festivarians. Any feedback or suggestions you may have are greatly encouraged!

Working Towards a Greener Bluegrass Festival

The success of our efforts to make the Festival more green depends on everyone. For several years, everyone involved has noted a great spirit of cooperation among Festivarians in regard to the efforts to reduce waste. By preparing ahead of time, you can make a difference with regards to festival waste and energy consumption. Here are a few ideas: