2012 Single-Day Ticket Lottery

Sorry, the lottery is now closed. The lottery was open from February 7-9.

Telluride Festivarians (photo Benko Photographics)
Telluride Festivarians
(photo Benko Photographics)

As with past years, in addition to 8,000 4-day passes (which sold-out this year on December 25) we have set aside 1,500 single-day tickets per day. Based on the phone calls and emails we've been receiving for the past few weeks, we foresee an unprecedented demand for these remaining tickets.

Unfortunately, we can't predict the true scale of this demand. So after investigating immediate improvements to our webserver to handle record traffic, we have determined that our online ticketing site needs a fundamental overhaul before we trust it to sell high-demand tickets like these. We learned our lesson from from our initial on-sale day, and we do not want to risk festivarians dealing with the frustrations of page-timeouts and other website problems.

Our solution – which we have employed for our most in-demand tickets for the past few years – is an online lottery. After all, even with the most robust online ticketing site you are essentially participating in a real-time lottery when ordering exceptionally high-demand tickets.

This lottery for 2012 Telluride Bluegrass single-day tickets will be open from Tuesday, February 7 at 12:01am MST thru Thursday, February 9 at 11:59pm MST.

Ticket Price

It has been suggested that we give-in to supply and demand and increase the price of these remaining single-day tickets. We will not be doing that, but instead holding single-day tickets to the same price as last year: $65 per day.

Preventing Scalpers

Many Festivarians have been expressing concern this year about scalpers. Unfortunately, we have no way of distinguishing scalpers from Festivarians (either in a lottery or when purchasing phone/online). But we are adding several anti-scalper measures to this lottery:

How the Lottery Works

On February 10, we will begin randomly selecting entries from all lottery entries using computer-assigned random numbers. As we process each entry, we will fill any tickets on your entry that are still available. For example, if you requested Fri/Sat/Sun single-day tickets and Fri tix are already sold-out we will sell you (and you will be automatically charged for) Sat/Sun tickets.

Your credit card / check will only be deposited if we are able to fill some part of your order. Otherwise, we will destroy your credit card number or check.

Single-day Tickets vs. 4-Day Passes

Because many of you are telling us that you are just looking for 4-day passes, the lottery form will allow you to request either:

If you are willing to settle for less than all 4 days you should request single-day tickets for all days. In this case, you will receive single-day tickets for whichever days are still available when your entry is chosen.

Trampled By Turtles at 2011 TBF (photo Benko Photographics)
Trampled By Turtles at 2011 TBF
(photo Benko Photographics)

If you are only interested in coming all 4 days ("4-day pass or nothing"), you should request 4-day passes. If any of the single-days are sold-out when we process your request for 4-day passes, your request for 4-day passes will not be filled.

Please note: if you do request and receive a 4-day pass in the lottery, you will receive a single 4-day ticket which will entitle you to a single 4-day wristband. This ticket may not be split into individual single-days.

Single-Day Lineups

Historically, we have always waited to release single-day tickets until we have announced the complete single-day lineup. This has allowed single-day purchasers to know what artists they would be purchasing tickets to see on a given day.

This year, with 4-day passes selling out in December, many of you are telling us that you would rather we put single-day tickets on sale ASAP regardless of the lineups. As a compromise, we will make every effort to announce as much of the single-day lineups as we can prior to February 7. It is likely that these lineups will still have several TBAs, but you will know as much as we do at that point.

Remember: The Lottery Is Random

Walk, don't run. You may enter anytime on these 3 days (Feb 7-9) with the same chance of being randomly selected. When we begin processing orders on Feb 10, we will randomly sort all entries and begin filling each entry in that randomly assigned order. Your order has the same chance of being selected whether you request 4-day passes or single-day tickets.

Lottery Rules

  1. The lottery may only be entered using our secure online form. A link will be posted at the bottom of this page while the lottery is open.
  2. We will accept lottery entries from February 7 at 12:01am MST thru February 9 at 11:59pm MST. You may enter at any time while the lottery is open. The time/date of your entry is irrelevant since we select lottery entries at random.
  3. You may only enter one (1) lottery form per credit card number or bank account (in the case of a check). Any additional entries will be discarded.
  4. Tickets purchased through this online lottery are non-refundable.
  5. You may elect to pay for your tickets with either a credit card or check. If paying by check, your check must be received by Planet Bluegrass no later than February 10, 2012.
  6. If your credit card payment is rejected, your check bounces, or your check does not arrive by February 10 your order will be immediately disqualified.
  7. You will only be charged if we are able to fill some/all of your order.
  8. By entering the lottery you agree


If you have further questions, give us a call - 303-823-0848 / 800-624-2422 - email planet@bluegrass.com, or add your thoughts to the ongoing lottery thread on the Festivarian Forum.