Changes to the Academy campground lineup procedure for 2017

RockyGrass Academy Guidelines

2017 Academy Camping Line Policy

The RockyGrass Academy campground opens at 10am on Sunday, July 23. If you plan to arrive before this time, Academy vehicles can begin lining up for the Academy Campground on Thursday, July 20th at 9am at Bohn Park. Due to our Festival lease agreements with the Town of Lyons, we charge $10 per day for camping and/or parking in the RockyGrass Academy campground line at Bohn Park.

Initial Line-up Procedure (Lottery!)

To discourage early arrival for the Academy camping line and make this initial line-up process as fair as possible, we are implementing a new "random lottery" procedure for the initial line at 9:00am on Thursday morning, July 20th. (If you arrive after 9:30am on Thursday, you will not be affected by this new procedure.)

Academy Load-In Procedure