Planet Bluegrass Podcast

We're in a remarkable position here at Planet Bluegrass - we get to talk to our favorite musicians all the time. We hang out and chat about their upcoming performances and their favorite memories of festivals past. Occasionally, they'll even drop by with an instrument to pick a few tunes for us or (gasp!) with us.

Podcast logoSo it dawned on us, why not share these conversations with the community of festivarians around the world. A picture may be worth a thousand words - and a photo of the festival stage in Telluride or Lyons is worth at least that - but sometimes the honesty and emotion in a human voice, or the sound of a mandolin or guitar, can be worth even more.

So as folks drop by Planet Bluegrass, we're taking a few minutes to record parts of our conversation and make them available as podcasts. We'll even mix in the latest news about the summer festivals and some historical clips from our archives. We're hoping to put these out every couple weeks or so.

And it's all available for free. All you need is a computer with an internet connection - iPod is strictly optional.

What is a podcast?

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How do I subscribe?

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