Now accepting entries in the 2018 Contest!

Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase

2016 Songwriter Showcase finalists on stage (photo Benko Photographics)
2016 Songwriter Showcase finalists on stage
(photo Benko Photographics)

The Songwriter Showcase is our nationally-recognized singer-songwriter competition, open to anyone who writes and performs original music, and who is not currently signed to a major recording or publishing deal. Contestants are judged on the quality of the song’s composition, vocal delivery, and the overall performance.

Past showcase finalists include Erica Wheeler, Don Conoscenti, Karen Pernick, Deb Talan, Dan Sheridan, Dee Carstensen, Mitch Barrett, Sarah Sample, Chuck E. Costa, Liz Longley, Megan Burtt, Caleb Hawley, Robby Hecht, Caroline Spence, Connor Garvey, Ben Shannon, Korby Lenker, and 2017 winner Heather Mae.

Entering the Songwriter Showcase

We will be accepting entries for the 2018 Songwriter Showcase from December 4, 2017 thru June 1, 2018. Limit of 2 songs per person.

Songs may be submitted in 2 ways:

2018 Songwriter Showcase Schedule

2018 Songwriter Showcase Prizes

In addition, all 10 of the Showcase Finalists will receive a 3-day pass with on-site camping for the Folks Festival, as well as a spot in one of the Songwriter in-the-round sets in the Wildflower Pavilion on Saturday and Sunday of the Festival.

2018 Showcase Rules and Guidelines

2017 Showcase Finalists

A huge congratulations to our 2017 Songwriter Showcase winner Heather Mae! Heather will be performing a full set on the main stage at the 2018 Rocky Mtn Folks Festival! Congrats to each of these top 5 finalists as chosen by our judges after their performances on the Folks Festival main stage on August 18:

  1. Heather Mae (Washington, DC)
  2. Mia Rose Lynne (Nashville, TN)
  3. Andrew Delaney (Arlington, TX)
  4. Chase Gassaway (Austin, TX)
  5. Brian Dunne (Brooklyn, NY)

Congratulations to the other 5 finalists in the 2017 Songwriter Showcase:

Check out the Soundcloud stream of songs from all 10 of the 2016 finalists.

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